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Phone Line


Moving your business to IP telephony is standard business with today’s internet speeds. Using Voice Over IP (VOIP) will enable your business to access a wide range of advanced telephony features – traditionally supplied via a physical PABX phone system – at a fraction of the cost.

  • Single number on your IP Phone
  • Voicemail, Call Waiting + More (see below)
  • Remote support
  • 24/7 fault monitoring
  • BYOD or buy one of our phones
  • Softphones / Microsoft Teams
  • Land to Mobile $0.12c
  • Port My Number: $20 one off fee


Your choice of either the Desktop Phone GXP2135 or the IP DECT Cordless Phone DP752 which comes with the Base Station. All the features are listed below.

Grandstream phones
VOIP Phone

This Enterprise VoIP Phone supports the fastest possible
connection speeds with dual Gigabit network ports, features integrated PoE and includes built-in Bluetooth for syncing with mobile devices and Bluetooth headsets. The GXP2135 is the perfect
choice for business users looking for a powerful and reliable IP phone with advanced

  • 8 lines, 4 SIP accounts
  • Programmable context-sensitive soft keys
  • Dual switched, auto-sensing Gigabit ports, built-in PoE
  • Programmable and customizable BLF/speed-dial keys
  • Built-in Bluetooth for syncing headsets and mobile devices
  • HD audio on the handset and speakerphone; full duplex speakerphone
  • Supports EHS compatible Plantronics headsets
  • 4-way audio conferencing for easy conference calls
Cordless Phone

The new generation Grandstream DP722 is a mid-tier DECT cordless IP phone that allows users
to mobilize their VoIP network throughout any business, warehouse, retail store and residential
environment. Up to five handsets supported on each base station n affordable mid-range cordless DECT solution for any business or residential user.

  • Supports a range of up to 350 meters outdoors and 50 meters indoors
  • 1.8 inch colour LCD with 2 programmable soft keys
  • 20 hours talk time / 250 hours standby time
  • Supports up to 10 SIP accounts and 10 lines per handset
  • 3-way conferencing
  • Push-to-talk
  • Video streaming display & 1-touch door control with GDS3700 Door Cameras
  • HD audio on the speakerphone, handset, and headset jack
  • Software and firmware updates over-the-air
  • 3.5mm headset jack
Bluetooth Headset

OPTIONAL extra @ $199 this ChatBit CB95BT Headset offers Bluetooth 4.0 and superior Noise Cancelling Mic.
Designed for high quality, high call volume environments at a cost effective price. ChatBit headsets work with our IP Phones and more

  • Reversible Boom (MIC) for left or right hand use
  • Comfortable with over-head wearing style
  • Wideband audio for exceptional sound quality
  • Volume and mute controls
  • Advanced hearing protection with safetone
  • Bluetooth Specification: V4.0
  • Advanced Multipoint
  • Profile: Headset:1.1 Handsfree:1.5 A2DP 8.Microphone noise cancellation
  • Crystal clear sound and voice(DSP)
  • Distance: up to 10m
  • Talk time 21 hours from 300mAh battery
  • Stand by Time 500 hours
VOIP features

Check out the wide range of VOIP Features

With VOIP the range of features is very comprehensive allowing full and complete control of each call, whether for an individual or your entire business.

The platform is very scalable and offers incredible flexibility for all users. Whether you want just the simple functions like Call Waiting, Caller ID or Voicemail, or if you need more advanced features such as Auto Attendant, Faxmail or Call Recording for your company or call-centre – Callnet’s platform delivers all of them.

feature guides – click to view

Simultaneous ring allows you to receive ringing on several different phones at once – meaning you can connect your desk phone and mobile to receive the same call. As soon as the call is answered, the ringing stops. Simultaneous ring is a great business tool because you will be able to take (or not take) calls when you are away from your desk.

This allows you to receive an email in an audio file that you can listen to on your computer or mobile device.

View the Feature Code PDF

Forwarding incoming calls to a second destination, which could be voicemail, a cell phone or other phone. Forwarding options include Always Forward; Call Forward Busy, (This option only forwards the call if the destination is busy.); Call Forward No Answer, (Typically after a preset amount of rings and no answer the forward then enacts. (This type of forwarding can also be called a Hunt Group.); Call Forward Selective, (Using a variable like which phone number initiated the call or a time period to determine if forwarding takes place.)

View the Feature Code PDF

With traditional phone systems, you very often miss important calls because you are already on a conversation on the phone. With call waiting, you no longer miss important calls. If you are already on the phone and another person calls you, you hear a special beep notifying you of this, and you can choose between putting that call on hold, taking it immediately and putting the first call on hold, or sending the second call to voicemail.

View the Feature Code PDF

Allows 3 people to converse at the same time by bringing in a second caller and flashing them into the first call, thereby conferencing all three parties together.

View the Feature Code PDF

Caller ID can be divided into several types, outbound, inbound, each with number and/or name. Having inbound caller ID with name and the ability to control the outbound caller ID would be the best.

View the Feature Code PDF

Sometimes called the “Virtual Receptionist” or IVR (Interactive Virtual Receptionist) AUTO ATTENDANT allows a caller to be forwarded to an extension without the intervention of an operator. For example, play music or prerecorded messages to customers on hold, and use a voice mail “tree” that supports directories by department, employee, or extension.

In addition, auto attendant software can answer incoming calls to a central number and route those calls based on the caller’s need. For example, the caller can choose to route the call to the sales department, billing department, accounts receivable, etc.

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Voicemail has several distinct and important components that may vary from service to service. Voicemail to email sends an email notification to your email account either with or without a WAV attachment of the actual voicemail message which can played. Voicemail can also be retrieved by dialing into the system to retrieve messages. Some services may include voicemail to text where a text version of the voicemail is sent via email as well.

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MOH or music on hold plays prerecorded music while callers are placed on hold.

View the Feature Code PDF

When turned on, all calls will automatically be sent to voicemail without ringing the phone.

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Incoming calls without a Caller ID will automatically be rejected. You can also block international dialling.

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Also sometimes called a Blocked List, numbers placed in the list will always be rejected, sometimes going directly to voicemail, other times getting a busy or sometimes receiving a recording saying that the number dialled is no longer in service.

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Record, store and play your calls. Calls are recorded as MP3 files and you can download and play them whenever you like. Calls remain on the server for 10 days, or you can automatically send a copy of any recording to your email address.

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A Callnet Fax line gets you your very own dedicated fax service. You can choose to simply use the Faxmail service to send and receive faxes from your PC or you can connect your traditional fax machine to a T.38 capable device such as an ATA and use it to send and receive your faxes. You can even use the Faxmail service to receive any faxes missed by your fax machine.

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